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Are you covered at work?

Accidents can happen in any business.  If you have employees, you need workers' compensation. 

Save up to 25% on your current workers' compensation premium

Workers' compensation

The Chamber’s workers' compensation benefit means big savings for you.  There is a lot to sort out when finding the right workers’ compensation coverage and this program can save you serious time and effort – plus terrific savings.


Why workers' compensation? This is insurance to protect your employees and your business.


If you have four or more employees, South Carolina requires your business to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

How you can save


access to premium savings up to 


the highest allowed in South Carolina


special industry savings and discounts

plus special industry savings and discounts often overlooked


up to 60%

savings on billed medical expenses

through carrier negotiated rates that will reduce claims 


monthly payroll billing solution

your cash flow won’t be restricted with payroll vs. annual premiums

New Valued Partner Benefit

The Chamber’s goal in offering group purchasing programs for you and your business is simple: provide you with a return on investment for your chamber partnership dollars by giving you better pricing, service, and value on all of your business needs, regardless of your business size.


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Save on Workers' Comp


Savings Example

Monthly premium

- member discount



Monthly Premium

- annual dividend (4%)

Annual Member Savings




Includes additional benefits and savings such as:


Premium discounts of up to 25% off premium rate


Risk control programs and best-in-class claim support


Webinars and online resources to keep employees safe


Improve your cash flow with pay-as-you-go billing

Savings that have a big impact on your budget

Thanks to the Chamber's discount program, you can make workers' compensation a smaller part of your budget.

Save on Workers' Comp

Unlike most any other small business insurance, workers' compensation is regulated by each state.  Rates in South Carolina are the highest in the Southeast which is a key reason the Chamber has developed this member benefit.
North Carolina
South Carolina
cost per state-Columbia.png

3 Things You Need To Know about

Worker's Compensation Laws




Employers in South Carolina with four or more regular full-time or part-time employees are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance.

If a subcontractor doesn't carry Workers' Compensation Insurance, the owner or the principal contractor would be liable for the injuries that happen to the subcontractor's employees.

Know the specific requirements for your industry so you are confident you are fully protecting your business and employees!


(803) 733.1110

1225 Lady Street, Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29201

For more information about our
Valued Partner Program, contact Ashleigh Pair Conner at or 803.733.1138

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