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Telehealth Benefit

Custom designed for your members
(all of them)
Members that don't provide insurance
Only 50% of companies with <50 employees provide group heath insurance.  To reduce premium costs many only offer high deductible plans and this benefit
Benefits are changing.
We do things differently.


Healthcare is a mess

For only $10/month/employee

an authorized 

Chamber partner

offers enhanced benefits
for your Chamber Members with member-exclusive
benefits and pricing

Better benefits, together

This Chamber enhanced benefit offers Teledoc, and Health Advocacy that provides - Life Assistance, Medical Bill Saver, plus a discount drug card. Your members and members' employees will have 24/7/365 access to quality healthcare in minutes by phone, video or mobile app. 

Your Chamber 


Brokers & Agents

member brokers and agencies will be appointed to offer to members

member companies of any size are eligible for this enhanced benefit

Non-Dues Income, from dollar $1

Your Chamber will earn non-dues income just for actively promoting this benefit to your members.  Plus your Chamber will receive the full Premier Telemedicine package at no cost.  It's a win-win.

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Email: advisort@chamber.care

Call a Doctor Plus is not health insurance and does not replace your primary care physician. It is a resource platform designed to improve wellness. For urgent medical conditions, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. 

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